160-372 Bypass

Pahrump, Nevada Bypass around state highways 160 + 372 Reverse-Bifurcated alignment allows more flexible routing for maximum access, minimal disruption and modest ecological footprint.

Information about route

Even a fully built-out Highway 160 through the center of Pahrump is not adequate to serve the wide-ranging mobility and accessibility needs of this sprawling community. The same strategy with the “Reverse Bifurcated” alignments proposed for Interstate 11 should be followed here with reduced ecological footprint and more manageable impacts on residential neighborhoods the top priority. Through traffic is offered a much needed alternative to the increasingly congested central area so that more crosswalks and intersection controls may be introduced without delaying tourists and truckers who have no need to stop in town. However, limiting the route to one-way reduces the centrifugal effect observed around most conventional two-way bypasses. Restrictions on development around the exit ramps should limit the appeal of strip malls to people who would otherwise shop in town, and, coordinated with advance purchase of adjacent real estate, help finance the cost of the improvement by realizing price appreciation through the principle of “Value Recapture” increasingly being applied to transport infrastructure.

Regional Overview

Vicinity Map: North

Vicinity Map: Central

Vicinity Map: South

Southeast quadrant

Pahrump Closeup Southeast

Pahrump Closeup Farthest South

Pahrump Closeup Southwest

Pahrump Closeup Far Southwest

Pahrump Closeup West

Pahrump Closeup West Northwest

Pahrump Closeup Northwest

Pahrump Closeup North Northwest

Pahrump Closeup Farthest North

Pahrump Closeup North Northeast

Pahrump Closeup East Northeast

Pahrump Closeup East

BLM Copper Rays solar project Bypass overlay

BLM "Rough Hat" solar project w/160-372 Bypass Overlay